Circle Logistics, an industry-leading provider of ground transportation solutions across the U.S., announced today that the company has launched a new bulk division to ship ethanol nationwide for hand sanitizer production. Circle plans to increase its ethanol distribution to 1.5 million gallons by the end of May 2020, as part of their response to COVID-19.


“Hand sanitizer is a crucial part of the pandemic response for medical workers, logistics professionals and first responders, and ethanol is the key ingredient to maintaining the national supply,” said Eric Fortmeyer, president and chief executive officer, Circle Logistics. “The bulk ethanol division is part of Circle’s COVID-19 response program across transportation modes to our customers, including FEMA.” 


Circle is currently shipping loads for the United States Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and providing the agency and its partners with real-time visibility of critical medical supply and grocery shipments.


Circle Logistics has shifted their entire transportation network to ship start-to-finish products for the COVID-19 response, including critical medical supplies like personal protective equipment (PPE), respirators and cots, as well as grocery shipments for major brands. Circle is providing shipping cost reductions across all transportation modes to these customers.


“‘What will it cost?’ and ‘when will it be here?’ are the questions we get during every phone call over the past three months,” continued Fortmeyer. “Our technology enables visibility of location, status, and estimated time of arrival for all of our shipments, so hand sanitizer manufacturers can make production plans while the ethanol is still in transit.”

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