Circle Logistics announced it is utilizing internal grading systems and resources like enhanced visibility to guide its team on matching freight with the best-fit carriers to minimize claims. The company is using combined data from digital freight matching and enhanced visibility Transport Pro tech integration resources to add greater value to shippers and carriers.


As the industry leader attempting to track 100% of its loads, Circle encourages enhanced visibility to increase on-time deliveries and to reduce late, theft and damaged freight claims. Based on informal research led by Senior Vice President Andrew J. Smith and the Chicago team, when freight is not tracked there’s a 23% increase in chance that the loads will result in a claim.


Circle’s enhanced visibility tracking data comes from sources like ELD and cell phone tracking, in addition to auto-arrive and auto-depart dispatch geofence notifications. Combined with the team’s use of data to examine the best fit for matching freight with carriers, this data has made a tremendous impact on the amount of successful, on-time, claim-free loads the team manages.


“Software integration with transportation management company Transport Pro empowers Circle with an added layer of decision-making guidance, which we use to assist shippers and carriers, from point A to point B,” said Smith. “Our focus is always about providing solutions that our customers and employees are happy with, so as we continue to lead the industry in live-tracking more than 90% of all loads booked, we want to let shippers and carriers know that we care about the work they are doing and we are using data to enhance our well-nurtured shipper-carrier relationships.”


Tech usage and its resulting insights are empowering Circle to continue leading the industry in outstanding shipper-carrier experiences and innovation.


“Transport Pro focuses on helping fast-growing private third-party logistics companies like Circle to include more automation into daily processes and procedures with the goal of getting work done faster and scaling more efficiently,” said Kenneth Kloeppel, director of technology, Transport Pro.