The Circle carrier network can use “Book it Now” button to see and
book current rates from

Circle Logistics, an industry-leading provider of ground transportation solutions across the U.S., announced today that it will provide its carrier network with “Book it Now” access to the load board. Book It Now allows carriers on the load board to search for freight and lock in a rate with the click of a button on their mobile or desktop device. Book it Now integrates with Circle Logistics customers through its TMS partner, Transport Pro. 


“The ability to quickly find and accept loads at fair prices means the drivers in our carrier network are spending less time negotiating and will have more time for driving and growing their businesses,” said Andrew Smith, vice president sales & operations, Circle Logistics. “We’re looking for every relationship, partnership and technology stack that we can find to help our customers deliver critical goods and keep store shelves stocked.” 


Founded in 1995 as the first load board on the internet, offers logistics solutions for transportation professionals through load planning, transportation management, real-time rates, and negotiation tools, as well as the largest industry credit reporting entity helping industry professionals find trusted freight partners.


“We are always excited to work with companies that are pushing the boundaries of innovation within our industry,” said Josh Main, strategic alliances director, “We are not only giving their customers more ways to do business, but we’re giving carriers more freedom to choose when and how they move freight.”


In March, Circle announced a partnership to book loads via DAT Book Now—the largest truckload freight marketplace in North America—and in August announced a partnership to book loads via NextLOAD.


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