Circle Logistics Promotes Nick Shipe to Director of Premium Transportation


Fort Wayne, Indiana- Circle Logistics proudly announces the promotion of Nick Shipe to Director of Premium Transportation. With a solid four-year track record at Circle, Nick has been a key player in our growth story. 


Nick remains at the helm of the Expedite and Bulk teams, and continues to focus on expanding  service offerings. His role will span various premium transportation services, from Expedite and Bulk to TSA, Project Management, Air Charters and Dry & Liquid Bulk opportunities above all, Nick is set to increase business across the board, leveraging Circle’s capabilities to serve our clients better. 


Nick will concentrate on enhancing the customer experience. “We aim to go beyond just fulfilling our clients’ needs; we want to be their preferred logistics partner,’ says Nick. 


Nick has set ambitious goals to propel Circle Logistics to new industry heights:


 1. Expand Current Business: Unearth Hidden Opportunities

Nick is committed to deepening the engagement with existing customers by identifying hidden opportunities for collaboration and as we know, this involves conducting client audits to understand their unmet needs and offering specialized solutions and offering services when prepping for special projects. Nick’s goal is to have Circle become an indispensable part of our customers’ supply chain, offering services that range from expedited shipping to complex project management.


  2. Win New Clients: Target Market Penetration

Nick plans to aggressively expand the customer base by entering new markets and sectors. This will be achieved through a combination of targeting marketing campaigns and industry partnerships. The focus will be on sectors where Circle Logistics can offer a unique value proposition, thereby ensuring a higher rate of customer acquisition and retention.


 3. Exceed Client Expectations: The ‘Wow’ Factor

Nick aims to set a new industry standard for customer satisfaction by not just meeting but exceeding customer expectations. This involves the rollout of new technologies with AI-driven analytics to offer more transparent and efficient services. Clients will not just get a service; they’ll get an experience that will make Circle Logistics their first choice for all logistics needs. 

 4. Build Lasting Relationships: Beyond Transactions

Nick believes in the power of the relationship and will move beyond transactional relationships to build long-term partnerships. This involves setting up dedicated client relationship teams, regular check-ins, and offering value-added services like consultancy and market insights. “We aim to understand the core challenges our clients face and offer solutions that make us an irreplaceable partner,” Nick emphasizes. 


By meticulously planning and executing these enhanced strategic goals, Nick Shipe is poised to lead Circle Logistics into a new era marked by exceptional growth, unparalleled customer satisfaction, and industry-leading innovation. 


“In a business world that’s always changing, Nick Shipe stands out for his adaptability and innovative thinking,” says CEO Eric Fortmeyer. “Nick is the leader we need to not just grow, but to grow wisely.” 


Nick has been part of the Circle family for over four years, previously serving as Business Development Manager, and during this time, he led his team from a modest 12 members to an impressive 46, while also increasing annual shipments from 8,000 to 24,000. 


“Nick’s promotion is a game-changer for us. He’s not just a leader; he’s a visionary who creates opportunities. We can’t wait to see how he’ll set new standards for Circle and our clients,” adds Eric Fortmeyer.