Partnership with Matrix enables Circle to deliver 3-5 HazMat loads per week

For seven years, Circle Logistics (Circle), one of the fastest-growing Third-Party Logistics (3PL) providers in the nation, has partnered with Matrix Inc. (Matrix), a non-asset motor carrier based on the outskirts of Chicago, to safely execute the delivery of HazMat loads.

Utilizing Matrix’s Hazardous Materials (HazMat) transportation and expedited freight transportation, Circle is able to carry out strategic loads that stabilize and mitigate the ongoing capacity crises plaguing many shippers and brokers. Matrix and Circle’s latest effort in their ever-growing relationship includes Matrix moving anywhere from three to five loads of fertilizer, for Circle customers each week.

Moving hazardous materials such as this through Matrix’s HazMat transportation system extends the carrier booking capabilities of Circle, allowing them to provide more options to their shippers.

“We work hard on our relationships with our carriers so that we can make service our number one focus and offer that commitment of no-fail service to our shippers,” said Cory Petersen, managing director at Circle Logistics’ Phoenix office. “We don’t like to trust our customers’ freight to random carriers we don’t know. Service to our shippers starts with service to our carriers — and we create an environment where all parties succeed and win.”

Millions of tons of hazardous materials are transported throughout the United States every day. In fact, the U.S. DOT Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration estimates that there are more than 800,000 hazmat shipments each day, and more than 3.1 billion tons are transported each year. To ensure loads are securely delivered, Circle maintains a strong relationship with Matrix, improving customer experience by creating heightened visibility, streamlined communication and quicker reaction time.

Download the case study detailing the complete partnership, compliments of Circle, here.

“Both Matrix and Circle value and appreciate what the other brings to the table,” said Kristiyan Hristov, operations assistant for Matrix. “Going through the ups and downs of transportation day in and day out builds a natural bond and a working relationship that only fosters more trust and more loads. They take care of their trucks, and they take care of their owner-operators. They don’t fail loads for us or flake at the last minute.”

Cultivating these relationships and access to capacity for its shippers starts with Circle’s fast response times and emphasis on proactive communication, and extends to offering competitive per-mile rates across their lanes. “We know the rates are going to be good and fair,” said Hristov. “Every load we see come through from Circle, we reach out immediately, no matter what the case is, to see if we can book it.”


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