Circle Logistics Appoints Cody Harris as Chief Technology Officer



Circle Logistics, a leading player in the logistics and transportation industry, is pleased to announce the appointment of Cody Harris as its new Chief Technology Officer (CTO). This strategic move signals Circle Logistics’ commitment to driving innovation and enhancing customer experiences through technology. With a strong focus on purpose-driven innovation and a commitment to enhancing the customer experience, Cody’s arrival promises to usher in a new era of technological advancement and growth for the company.


“As we continue to chart our course into the digital future of logistics, we are excited to welcome   Cody Harris as our Chief Technology Officer. Cody’s tech vision, unwavering commitment to purposeful innovation, and remarkable track record in harnessing cutting-edge technologies are precisely what Circle Logistics needs to stay at the forefront of our industry. We are confident that his leadership will not only drive transformative change within our organization but also enhance the experiences of our valued customers and partners. With Cody on board, the possibilities are limitless, and we eagerly anticipate the exciting journey ahead.” said Eric Fortmeyer, CEO of Circle Logistics. 

Tech Ideology

Cody Harris brings with him a tech ideology deeply rooted in innovation with a purpose. He firmly believes that technology should not only add value but also improve the lives of workers, carriers, and customers alike. His commitment to “value-added innovation” aligns perfectly with Circle Logistics’ vision for the future.


Harris is a staunch advocate for the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). He sees AI as a force that is here to stay and believes that the transportation industry is just beginning to tap into its true potential. Under his leadership, Circle Logistics is poised to harness AI to optimize operations, streamline processes, and provide enhanced value to its clients.


In addition to AI, Cody recognizes the pivotal role of data in decision-making. He firmly asserts that data-driven decision-making is the key to staying competitive in the market. However, he emphasizes that this relies on impeccable data collection and curation. Harris will lead Circle Logistics in developing robust data strategies that not only efficiently collect and store data but also leverage it for actionable insights.


Cody Harris boasts a remarkable track record of innovation:

In his most recent role as Data Strategy and Innovations Manager, Harris was honored with the prestigious Game Changer Award in 2022. He currently supervises a team of five Engineers and Analysts across multiple locations, overseeing technology initiatives. His work on a Semantic Data Type detection model has significantly expedited data collection and organization for RFP data. Cody also led the development of CI/CD procedures, implementing modern practices for enhanced agility. Collaborating with developers, he successfully implemented a GraphQL backend, unifying data pipelines.


Prior to this role, as a Data Scientist, Cody led the development of logistics bid bots that generated substantial revenue and gross profit while optimizing human resources. His expertise in machine learning supported data engineering initiatives, and he played a key role in AWS Cloud Engineering, utilizing cutting-edge cloud technologies.


His diverse experience also includes a role as an Associate Instructor at Indiana University, demonstrating his dedication to teaching and mentoring. As a Product Manager at iRely, Cody oversaw agile development and SQL conversions, contributing significantly to the success of the company.


Cody Harris has outlined clear goals for his role as CTO at Circle Logistics:


  • Strengthen Collaboration with Transport Pro: Cody emphasizes the importance of the partnership with Transport Pro as a driving force behind Circle Logistics’ innovation.
  • Drive Revenue Optimization and Cost Reduction: He aims to directly impact the company’s financial success by developing programs that increase revenue and reduce costs through enhanced productivity.
  • Enhance the Customer and Carrier Experience: Cody is committed to supporting technology directives that improve the experience of working with Circle Logistics for both customers and carriers.
  • Gain a Competitive Advantage through Innovation: His vision aligns with Circle Logistics’ ambition to gain a competitive edge in the industry through a combination of innovation and data-driven decision-making.


With Cody Harris as Chief Technology Officer, Circle Logistics is primed for a tech-driven transformation. His dedication to purpose-driven innovation, commitment to data excellence, and a track record of results make him the ideal leader to guide the company into a future filled with technological promise. Stay tuned as Circle Logistics leverages Cody’s expertise to maintain its position at the forefront of the logistics and transportation industry.