Safety and Driver Qualification Guidelines

  • Class A CDL issued by state of legal residence reflecting current address and have information on any other licenses held within prior 5 years.
  • Valid DOT long form physical and card dated within the last 12 month (6 months if subject to yearly re-certification), this must be reflected on MVR.
  • Submit a complete DOT compliant application including 10 yrs of employment history details.  Any falsification of the application may result in immediate termination of contract.
  • Minimum of 2 yrs recent verifiable all season tractor trailer experience in an over-the road setting.
  • No alcohol or substance related charges or convictions within 5 yrs immediately prior to date of application and no record of multiple convictions, regardless of time frame.
  • No felony convictions or pending charges within the prior 5 years involving charges of theft or violence and no record of multiple convictions.
  • NO DOT recordable crashes deemed preventable within the 18 months prior to application and no more than 3 non-DOT preventable crashes/ incidents within the prior 5 yrs.
  • No more than 2  moving violations within the prior 24 months and no more than 4 moving violations within the prior 5 yrs, this will include violations recorded on both MVR and DOT PSP report.
  • No major operating violations within the prior 24 mos.
  • Must possess the ability to effectively communicate in verbal and written English.
  • Must comply with all requirements for alcohol and substance testing under section 382 FMCSR.
  • Prefer trucks to be 12 yrs or newer but will consider any age truck on a case by case scenario.

***All candidates will be screened via FMCSA- PSP report and MVR from states of licensing to reach a determination of over-all safety fitness. PSP violations, even in the absence of civil citations, may be determined to disqualify the candidate from being offered a contract.


  • Home most weekends
  • Non-force Dispatch (General freight, some dedicated lanes are forced)
  • Dedicated lanes and customers
  • Expedited and Traditional Freight
  • 100% of fuel surcharge, tarp and stop charges
  • Direct deposit
  • Scanning for paperwork with ELD units
  • EFS Fuel cards
  • Company Paid Cargo and Liability Insurance w/ no surcharge
  • Average trip 500 miles
  • Average load weight 25,000
  • Average Gross Revenue in 2017 was $205,000
  • Contractor revenue
  • Tractor and trailer: 75% of gross line haul
  • Tractor only: 65% of gross line haul, No extra trailer rental fees
  • Qualcom Omnitrac ELD units with free installation
  • No charge for Qualcom Unit as long as unit is returned upon termination of contract

Cost and Deductions


Escrow- $100 weekly for 23 weeks [Returned to contractor if contract is terminated by either party and no money is owed by contractor to the company]
E-log Subscription Fees – $15 Weekly

Optional Services through Settlement Deductions

INDIANA Base Plate- $100 weekly until paid. [cost projection is $2250.00 per year]
Fuel Tax Filing- $20 weekly [calculated, filed, paid]
Fuel Program [EFS Card]- amount of purchase plus $2.75 transaction fee
Cash Advances [up to $100]- $2.75 transaction fee
Special Advances [$100+] $2.75 transaction fee plus 3% or $35 whichever is greater. (applies to advances that are paid back over multiple weeks)Best Pass Transponder- $25 initial fee, $2/mo (%20 reduction in tolls)Pre Pass- $3.85/ week

Optional Insurance Packages

Physical Damage – 5.62% of insured value. (MI residents only- 9.82%) Divide by 52= weekly deduction
Bobtail/ Non-Trucking – $11 weekly
MI residents only – $17 weekly
Occupational Accident – $38.25 weekly
Choice Plus Insurance… coverage for items such as towing, personal property, misc. equipment, breakdown; written by Great West Casualty. Annual premium $150 for ChoicePlus

Required Equipment

Dry Van

4 Logistics Straps


4?, 6? or 8? Drop Tarps (contractor needs 2 out of the 3, no need for all of them)
10- 2? Straps (27? or 30? in length)
10- 4? Straps (27? or 30? in length)
At least 1 set of coil racks and tarps

Auto Haulers

Mobile Printer
20- 2? Over The Wheel Straps
1- Height Stick

*** Circle Logistics can provide some of this equipment and deduct the cost from the contractor’s 1st settlement, depending on availability. Contractor must be prepared to provide their own equipment when it is not available for purchase through the company. Mobile printers are not provided by the company at any time.