Keeping tabs on your shipments is always important, but it’s especially important in our current environment. Domestic trucking demand is surging across the country as businesses compete for a tight pool of carriers during COVID-19. For example, between February and March, the average rate to hire a truck on the spot increased by 6.1%. These trends are making it tougher for some shippers to get goods where they need to go on time, and the stakes are even higher for shippers moving essential goods. 


Customers across the country are depending on you, and it’s critical to meet delivery timelines in these new conditions. You need a logistics partner that offers real-time visibility and transparency at every step. Here’s exactly how we do that at Circle Logistics. 


The right tools 

During uncertain times such as these, it’s natural to want to keep a particularly close eye on your freight as it moves from Point A to Point B. This not only ensures that you meet shipping deadlines, but also feel more empowered to manage situations as they arise, like booking an extra load. Circle’s dashboard enables your business to check on your loads and make updates as needed in real time. In fact, we’re trusted by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and grocery customers to provide real-time visibility of critical medical supply and grocery shipments during COVID-19 as they travel across the U.S


The right partnerships 

Working with a logistics partner with broad geographic and service coverage can help make sure the right carrier is available for your shipment, every time. Circle maintains a large private fleet to ensure the best capacity from coast to coast within the contiguous United States. Our fleet has a wide range of service capabilities to meet your needs, including temperature- controlled services, dry van and flatbed. We’re also proud to offer our new Book It Now function, which gives our carriers more opportunities to bid on freight easily. That means greater capacity for you, so you can focus on growing your bottom line. 


The right service

It’s important to feel like the partners you choose have your back. While you’re busy serving your own customers, you likely don’t have a lot of time to worry about whether your logistics partners are on track to meet your delivery goals. That’s why our representatives are always there to provide proactive updates, answer questions and troubleshoot any issues with you. We have teams in over 10 cities across the United States that are ready to assist you with whatever you need. 


The right time for Circle

Now, more than ever, having a reliable partner in logistics is key to adapting to the “new normal” we’re all experiencing. With real-time tracking tools, a capable fleet and dedicated representatives, Circle is here to help you meet your customer service and delivery milestones. In short: Right now is the right time to hit the road with Circle.


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