Steve Schroeder Assumes position of VP of National Sales with a Unique Mission: Visit Customers & Strengthen Relationships


The logistics industry has always been about more than just moving goods from Point A to Point B; it’s about building relationships and maintaining trust with customers. At Circle Logistics Inc., this philosophy has found a new evangelist. Steve Schroeder, a logistics veteran with over three decades of experience, has been appointed as a Vice President of National Sales for the sole purpose of visiting customers and adding a human touch to what can often be a complex web of numbers, freight, and deliverables.


A Veteran with a Mission


Steve is no stranger to the logistics game. His work spans across multiple domains, from managing the Whirlpool inbound carrier network at Penske Logistics to growing business by 300% year-over-year at Concert Group Logistics. Moreover, his stint as a Principal at LoMas Transportation fortified him with the skill to consult on various facets of transportation, from LTL and truckload to air and ocean freight. But his mission at Circle goes beyond numbers and strategy; it’s all about nurturing customer relationships. Eric Fortmeyer, Circle Logistics CEO commented “With Steve’s decades-long experience and deep understanding of the logistics industry, he is uniquely qualified to bridge the gap between our company and our valued customers. His focus on identifying customer pain points and offering immediate solutions not only elevates the customer experience but also opens new avenues for our sales teams. This is an exciting chapter for Circle Logistics, and we’re confident that Steve’s hands-on approach will help us achieve new milestones in customer satisfaction and business growth.”


Building Bridges, Not Just Networks


Steve’s task is to grow Circle’s presence with its customers, by putting a face to the name. The objective is not just to seal a deal but also to fix relationships that may have hit bumps along the way. He will be focusing on the top 100 accounts and those determined to have potential for growth. Importantly, he will be paying visits to accounts that have faced issues—be it service failures or communication gaps.


A Partnership with the Sales Team

Steve’s role is complementary to that of the sales team. He is there to set meetings, improve customer relationships, and give the sales team an edge they may not have had before. According to Schroeder, “My help will not change the way that the dedicated sales reps interact with their customers. I will visit, grow, and help mend fences, but day-to-day activities are still their responsibility.” Steve is not there to micromanage; he’s there to enhance. 


Not Just Business As Usual

The goal is to not just observe customer operations first-hand but to provide real-time feedback. It allows Circle to tailor its services and solutions in a way that is most beneficial to each client’s specific needs. 


When the Sales Team Succeeds, Everyone Succeeds

One of Steve’s fundamental objectives is to help identify pain points and provide solutions thereby enhancing client satisfaction while interpreting customer’s needs to the sales teams. . In his own words, it’s a win-win situation where both the company and the customers stand to benefit from this enhanced level of personal engagement.


A Holistic Approach to Customer Engagement


This new role doesn’t just help Circle Logistics in immediate customer relationship management; it’s part of a grander strategy. Major logistics providers in the United States have similar roles, aimed at forging stronger client relationships. By having Steve focus solely on this, Circle Logistics is signaling its intent to become a top logistics provider in the U.S., taking customer service and relationship management to new heights.

In a rapidly evolving logistics industry where technology and data are king, Steve Schroeder reminds us that human connections are just as valuable. With his experience, focus, and commitment to customer education and problem-solving, he is set to redefine what customer relationships mean in the world of logistics, not just for Circle Logistics, but for the industry at large.

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