As COVID-19 disrupts operations across the globe, it’s critical to maintain health and safety measures wherever possible. But while stay-at-home orders are in place across the country, the show must go on for supply chains. Business is busier than ever for many shippers, especially if you deliver essential goods. Trucking capacity is getting tighter as demand surges to get these goods to essential stores.


Simply put, shippers need a reliable partner who prioritizes health and safety across the supply chain to keep things moving. At Circle Logistics, the safety of our team is paramount. We’re committed to protecting them – and getting your goods where they need to go. We’re partnering with customers like the Federal Emergency Management Agency and food suppliers, ensuring the safe transport of critical medical supplies and groceries from coast to coast throughout the crisis. Here’s how we’re working to keep things running smoothly for you.


1. Digital payments

With concerns rising around any person-to-person contact right now, a digital payments system can play a key role in safety. Experts currently think that COVID-19 may be able to latch onto currency and credit cards the same way as other surfaces. Circle is working to minimize contact for drivers during this time through digital payments, so they can process fleet checks and credit card payments without having to exchange unnecessary paper – and hands – with customers. 


2. Mobile-based ELD applications

Using a mobile ELD app paired with a small hardware plugin can help promote hygiene when it counts during a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic. Circle is focused on updating vehicles with safe, efficient upgrades like these, which keep our drivers healthy and on the road working hard for our customers each day. 

3. Use telemedicine when available

Since drivers spend much of their time away from home, telemedicine can be a big help in both diagnosing common ailments and screening for sicknesses like the flu. For instance, telemedicine can be used to diagnose issues like micro-sleeping at the wheel, potentially saving lives on the road. Telemedicine is also becoming prevalent throughout the United States in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Circle uses tools like these to protect drivers out on the road.  


Staying safe while moving along 

The novel coronavirus has transformed the way that businesses work, and many shippers are feeling the pressure as they work to get critical goods into their customers’ hands. By equipping our team with the right tools, Circle is committed to getting the job done for you efficiently and safely. 


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