Circle is now able to process invoices and factoring funds faster by organizing and managing documents using its new Smart Imaging and Indexing system, helping to pay carriers quicker.


With reduced amounts of manual back-office work and faster inbound document processing with fewer errors, the Transport Pro integration system enables Circle to pay carriers in a fraction of the time.


“Automating our billing process is a benefit for customers and employees because the payment processes are faster and require less of our employees’ time,” said Eric Fortmeyer, President and CEO of Circle Logistics. 


Using Smart Imaging and Indexing, the Circle team processes more paperwork faster, reducing the amount of time carriers have to wait for completed load payments, which is very helpful during this fluctuating market.”


The Transport Pro Smart Imaging and Indexing system enables the Circle staff to be mostly hands-off while the system reads email content and identifies the shipments to which each document belongs. 


The system also analyzes the pages of documents received and can determine whether it is a bill of lading, carrier invoice, or other types, and automatically assigns the document type for each page. The auto image capturing and indexing system then matches the trip documents and order number for each load. If a document is unreadable, a team member can make revisions and recode the document appropriately. 


Using machine learning capabilities, the system gets smarter over time by detecting how such pages should be indexed. 


“Use of the Smart Imaging and Indexing system certainly helps to nurture relationships with carriers seeking faster payments for completed loads and it is also a huge selling point for Circle’s current and potential employees,” said Kenneth Kloeppel, director of technology for Transport Pro. “What generally takes a Circle staff member three minutes to analyze, upload and process now only takes about 15 seconds.

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